European Exploration Proposal

a Proposal From Henry Harris

European Ship

I plan to make a trip to the new land found recently by explorers to the west, but I do not have the money to do so. I was hoping you could fund my trip and this presentation will state the reasons why.

I plan to take voyage on July 21st, 1526. My name is Henry Harris and I originate from Scotland. I would like to ask you, King Henry VIII of England, to fund my trip to the new land.

I understand you are looking for riches such as fur, land, and even gold. If you were to allow me to venture west, I would attempt to bring back these riches and whatever else you seek to find, my king. Why these items, why not different ones, you ask? Well, I chose land because land can help expand kingdoms. I chose fur because the new land has exotic furs, alien to our area, worth high values. Lastly, I chose gold, because gold is a way of trade and a good rich for any king to have.

The planned area for exploration is around a massive bay on the mid eastern shore of the new land. This area has prosperous land and resources known to be unexplored by most explorers at this point in time. I understand that other countries will be rivaling me in this exploration, such as other Englanders, Spain, France, Scotland, and Ireland. They will also be going for similar reasons, gold, fur, and land. I plan to handle any confrontations with these rivals and/or natives in a dispute, rational manner. I hope that we do not encounter either, as they may pose a threat to the expedition.

The thing you are most likely worried about most is obstacles. There is a variety of things that could encumber us throughout the venture, and I have collected a few to discuss how we will overcome them. First and foremost, there is the problem of shipwreck, at sea or on the shore. Inside the ship I plan to have smaller canoe like boats and we shall pack large amounts of supplies for the journey. If we get lost, we will have a cartographer to map the area and keep track on the map where we are. He will have a variety of tools and resources to complete his job. If we run out of supplies, low chance as it be, our team will be well educated on hunting, fishing, and foraging for food and water. In the new land, a rivalry might occur between us and Europeans/Natives. If it comes to this we will know how to fight and do all that we can to defend the expedition with our weaponry. Lastly, if it comes to mutiny during the venture, I will have a loyal few of close friends with me to protect me and stay by my side through it. This will make up roughly half of the crew.

This concludes my proposal. Thank you for your time, great King Henry VIII. I dearly  hope you choose me to voyage into the new land in your name.

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3 years ago

Awesome proposal Henry.