Name: Ori Asulin
Grade: T'3
Author: Jerry Spinelli
Book Name: The Bathwater Gang


The settings of story is during the summer vacation at nine o'clock in the morning. The house has two floors. On the first floor there is a tv, sofa, garden, kitchen and living room. There is a special rocker by the window. On the second floor there are rooms with beds including a bathroom and shower.

Identity Card

Name: Bertie Kidd

Height: 1.52

Weight: 39kg

Job: She doesn't work now because she's still a kid, but when she grows up she will conduct the gang.

Hobbies: Ride a skateboard.

Favorite Food: Pizza.

Think she like least: Play football.

Dreams: To open her own gang or join a gang.


1. The problem in story is that Bertie Kidd wants to open gang with her best friend but without boys and it caused a conflict between boys and the girls. Bertie feel discouraged at first because she could not raise her gang of people. Then Andy decides to set up a gang of boys only, and that solved the problem between them. There was then gang of boys and girls.

2. If I was in their place, I would also open a gang of boys and girls. This would solve the problem.


The high point in the story is when Granny joined Bertie's gang and became a captain in the gang. Granny decided to start over and to make peace between the girls and boys. Therefore Granny changed the gang of boys and girls together. It solved the conflict between them, and finally Bertie Kidd realized the gang is not open only to girls but also to the boys.

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