Email Etiquette assignment

Kelsey Brown

When making an email you need:

Some business send emails that don't explain or answer any questions. You don't do that because then people get get annoyed or maybe in certain even block you.

If a company is able o deal professionally with email,this will provide your company with that all important competitive and responsible edge.

Avoid using URGENT and IMPORTANT

You must at all times try to avoid these types or words in an email or subject. Only use this if it is really, really urgent or important.

Avoid long sentences

Try to use a maximum of about 20-25 words instead of a huge paragraph.

No sending viruses or anything that can harm someone else's computer

Don't forward any viruses or anything else that can harm someones computer. So you don't cause there device to breakdown or cause any problem, because it's selfish and unneeded.

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