Internet Safety and Cyberbullying

A primer for students, teachers, and parents

While most of us would never consider letting 12-17 year olds out in an unfamiliar neighborhood to run an errand without teaching them about staying away from strangers, or making sure they have a cell phone in case of an emergency, and probably even a companion, are we as vigilant as we need to be when we allow them onto the internet without alerting them to potential dangers and arming them with some defenses? Probably not.  Students will use the resources below to write and produce a PSA to be proposed to our building's administration for posting on the school's website.

Resources for Students

Are you cyber smart? Do you know how to protect yourself online? Are you a good digital citizen?

Resources for Educators

The internet has unlimited potential and unspeakable dangers. What can we do to help them stay safe while reaping the benefits?

Resources for Parents

What do you know about online dangers? Have you had "the talk" with your child about online safety?

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