Heritage Elementary
Spanish Newsletter
March 2017

Flowers are starting to bloom, the birds are singing, and soon it will be time for shorts and flip flops. I can't wait!

Even though it's spring time, the students at Heritage Elementary are not stopping to smell the flowers. They are more like busy bees, working hard!

In Kindergarten we finished our "Hombre de Nieve" (Snowman) unit. We practiced and reviewed "el sombrero"(hat), "la cabeza"(head), "los ojos" (eyes), "la nariz"(nose), "la boca" (mouth), "la bufanda"(scarf), "los botones"(buttons), and "los guantes"(gloves). We continued our review and practice with a visit from "Señor Cabeza de Papa"(Mr. Potato Head) and "Señora Cabeza de Papa" (Mrs. Potato Head). In March we will be starting our spring unit and focusing on weather, some clothing vocabulary, and food.

In first grade and second grades we read about the "Biblioburro". Luis Soriano Bohorquez operates a traveling library in rural Colombia with his two donkeys, Alfa and Beto.  In first and second grades we also practiced expressing how we feel "estoy contento" (I am happy), "estoy triste" (I am sad), "Tengo frío"(I am cold), "Tengo calor"(I am hot), "Tengo hambre"(I am hungry), "Tengo sed" (I am thirsty), "Tengo miedo"(I am afraid), and "Tengo sueño"(I am sleepy). We practiced speaking about something that hurts as well "Me duele la cabeza, el pie, la rodilla, el estómago, (my head hurts, my foot hurts, my knee hurts, my stomach hurts). In second grade we have started practicing the alphabet in Spanish. We have been singing the alphabet song. In March we are going to focus on our spring time unit vocabulary (weather, months, days of the week, clothing, food, and some leisure activities).

At the beginning of February the Spanish teachers attended the Alabama World Language Association's annual conference in Auburn, AL . I have spent the last week trying to think of what I want to tell you about the conference and what I have been learning. There is just too much to say! I will try to keep it short and simple. Not too long ago I was listening to a podcast about second language acquisition and I had an "aha moment". What I heard was that if I make communication my goal then acquisition will follow. That's my new goal for 2017. Get students communicating in Spanish!!!! I will not teach about Spanish or teach the language of Spanish. I will teach in Spanish. It's more difficult goal but much more worthwhile.

Happy Spring! Contact me at joellejones@madisoncityschools.k12.al.us if you have any questions or concerns.

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Thank You Madison Street Festival Grant Committee!!!

Students enjoying the new Spanish books purchased with funds from a grant provided by the Madison Street Festival committee.  

El Señor y La Señora Papa de la Cabeza Vistaron Las Clases

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