Eyeless Jack

One day their was kid that was named Jack. He was a really cool and nice kid until one kid that got jealous of his luxurious eyes that were green. When the kid walked up to him he said “meet me in the school alley at 4:00…” As Jack listened to him he went back home. When Jack went to the back of the school alley the kid that was jealous was nowhere to be seen.. As Jack was waiting the kid had to needles in his hands behind his back. When Jack saw the kid he wanted to say hi, but the kid threw the needles right at Jacks eyeballs. When Jack was stabbed in the eyes he got kicked by the kid that was jealous. “You have really nice eyes and all the girls go for you, and you are always mean to me!” When the kid stopped kicking the police came and the kid went the other way where the police wasn't their.

WHen the police called the ambulance Jack was sent to the hospital. When Jacks dad came he was worried if he could still see, while as the ambulance was still explaining about Jacks eye damage Jack woke up. When Jack couldn’t see anything he used the nurses cloths to cover his upper face and the bottom of the air mask as the mouth of the mask. when Jack put on the final adjustment to the mask which was the goggles he finally saw everything in his path that looked like dark heat vision. As Jack made his escape he never saw his family ever again, and when he realized when he can kill somebody with just his eyes he could be able to kill someone.

[Jack has been looking for the kid that was jealous of his luxurious eyes and hunt him down and kill

him, but when he saw somebody in his path he would kill that person and once he found him sleeping in his bed he revealed his dark bloody eyes at him.]

And that was the story of Eyeless jack….