The EA Canada team FIFA 15 PC Coins says

The EA Canada team FIFA 15 PC Coins says it has a lot more to show, including larger features it’s not yet talking about, but for now has led with a rather typical script of comparisons to last year’s game. In these comparisons, last year’s game is held up as deficient in some finite area of authenticity and we’re told that this year’s edition has solved that. For example, I’m not sure the fact that the pitch didn’t bear authentic scuff marks throughout the match was a major concern of FIFA players. But now that it’s being introduced, any game without it looks substandard.

“When you look at features like team tactics, and other features we haven’t yet announced that are coming down the pipeline, you’ll see the amount of changes we’re making in FIFA 15 is immense,” McHardy said. “But yes, we’ve finished our homework first, and it’s allowed us to try things like emotional intelligence. You need to deal with the fundamentals first.”