The Battle of Fort Wagner

A battle in the Civil War

The First and Second Battle

The Civil War was one of America's bloodiest wars, and the longest. Spanning four years. 620,000 individuals are reported to have died. Not only was it violent, but it hosted many battles, the battle I am telling you about is: the Fort Wagner battle. The very first battle of Fort Wagner was on  July 11, 1863. Many Union soldiers died in battle, at an astonishing number of 399. The Confederate's only lost 12. Then a week later, it was attacked again in the more known Second Battle of Fort Wagner.The Union attacked this time, with their Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, who died while leading the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry on foot, the Colonel died while attacking.

The battle took place at Fort Wagner, Morris Island, South Carolina it covered a southern attackers from the Charleston Harbor. William Carney, a participant in the 54th Massachusetts was an African American-former slave that was the rumored first African American recipient of the Medal of Honor he received in his actions at Fort Wagner.

Fort Wagner was a smaller fort in South Carolina and was rocky with lots of soldier tents, it would have been difficult to fight on horseback.   The first battle was won by the Confederate's. The second battle also failed. 600 men from the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry went into battle at Fort Wagner, out of them 272 were killed, wounded, or captured. Exactly 116 men were proved dead.

Remember, sometimes to save a life, you have to take a life.

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