Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

K. Chitwood

Telephone - 1875

Alexander Graham Bell

Why was the telephone significant?

The telephone provided a fast way of communication to people. It allowed people to talk privately. It reduced the distances and people can communicate with each other in a matter of seconds.

Typewriter - 1873

Christopher Sholes

Why was the typewriter significant?

The typewriter allowed people and businesses to get ahold of another individual faster than writing a letter. It was a faster way of communication.

Phonograph - 1877

Thomas Edison

Why as the phonograph significant?

The phonograph created a future for sound recording. It allowed you to record and play sounds. This invention helped develop the telephone, which is very significant today and also back then.

Camera - 1888

George Eastman

Why was the first camera significant?

The camera allowed an individual to capture a moment quickly and exact. Before the camera was invented, to capture a moment, people would have to paint the image. The camera took care of that.

Gasoline Powered Automobile - 1893

Why was the gasoline powered automobile significant?

The gasoline powered automobile was invented as a quicker way to get somewhere. The automobile created a safe and more efficient way of getting from place to place instead of walking, or riding on a horse.

Lightbulb - 1879

Thomas Edison

Why was the lightbulb significant?

The lightbulb eliminated the dependence on candles for people. The lightbulb created an easy way for people to light their houses a night. This invention changed the daily lives of people.

Seismograph - 1880

John Milne

Why was the seismograph significant?

The seismograph was significant because it could detect earthquakes. This allowed the people to have more time to get to a safe location. The seismograph could show the people when an earthquake was coming.

Automatic dishwasher - 1886

Josephine Cochrane

Why was the dishwasher significant?

This helped people remove the daily chore of cleaning dishes. The water is hot enough to get all of the dirty germs off. Some say that the dishwasher used less water than if you were to hand wash dishes.

Automatic lubricator - 1872

Elijah McCoy

Why was the automatic lubricator significant?

The automatic lubricator system was significant because it reduced downtime, and there were fewer breakdowns. This was more safe because there was no climbing around machinery. This also lowered energy consumption because there was less friction.

Airplane - 1903

Orville and Wilbur Wright

Why was the airplane significant?

The airplane improved rear rudder technology because they made it steerable. Airplanes have changed the way that people travel and handle wars. Airplanes have impacted generations.

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