Atmosphere- By:  J o v a n a   A g u i l a r

We Have Four Different Layers In Our Atmosphere.

We have our Troposphere, this is the layer where we can fly airplanes in and hot air balloon too. Then we have our Stratosphere, this is where we can slightly fly our planes here too. Next we have our Mesosphere, this is the layer that the meteors hit but they don't hit us they burn up on their way here. Finally we have our Thermosphere, this is where the Auroras happen.

Do You Know What Happens When You Get Higher In Atmosphere ?

That's right pressure decreases, so when ever you enter one layer the pressure gets lower and lower as you go up.  

What Does Air Pressure Look Like.

Have you thought what air pressure looks like, well we can't see it but there is a way we can feel it.  Your at the beach and and you feel really hot because the sun is reflecting to the water and when the water gets really dry it turns into gasses that floating into the air and when there is a lot of those gasses they turn into big droplets and formed into clouds that come back down and start to rain and it keeps doing the same thing.

Why Is The Atmosphere So Important To Us ?

The atmosphere is important to us in many ways because it gives us oxygen and nitrogen. With out our atmosphere there're wouldn't any living things right now.

What Makes Up The Atmosphere ?

  1. It's actually quite amazing that it is not the primary ingredient in theatmospheric mixture known as air, Nitrogen is instead. All kinds of gases make up the atmosphere, but a few stand out in our day to day lives, such as Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Ozone.

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