Roberta Lynn Bondar

Roberta Bondar started her career as a basic science researcher in the nervous system.

She also worked for six years at the federal Fisheries and Forestry Department.

She is one of the six Canadian astronauts selected in December, 1983 and began astronaut training in February, 1984.

In 1985 she was named chairperson of the Canadian Life Sciences for Space Station.

For the first time she went to the International Microgravity Laboratory Mission (IML-1).

Roberta Bondar flew on Discovery during Mission STS-42, January 22, 1992 where she performed experiments in the Spacelab.

Then she officially became Canada's first women in space.

Dr. Roberta Bondar left the Canadian Space Agency on September 4, 1992, to pursue her research.

After so many years of researching she united with her family.

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