To The Past
by: Silas Coley

         The year is 2020 and me and my friends have made a contraption called a time machine. So I decided I would try it out. After a few tests they let me try. I held the machine in my hand and I said the year that I would want to go. Holding the contraption I heard a loud humming noise and I knew that it was working. It felt like for ever making the transition to the 90's because I was moving so very fast. Then I hit something.

I was on the curb on a street corner painting and sweating. Then I looked and saw a large dome right in front of me. I probably did not know that it was there because I was so very tiered. I went up to an older gentlemen to ask what day it was and where I was. When I asked the man he looked at me like I was crazy. He said January 4th 1996 and I was in Ann Arbor Michigan. When he said that I knew that what I was seeing was the Michigan Arena. I checked in my pockets to see if the machine was still there. I saw the machine and it was in terrible shape. I could never use it ever again. I was stuck there I couldn't get back but as I dug deeper into my pocket I felt a piece of paper. I took it out and it stated Michigan Wolverines on the front and a scanner on the back. It was one ticket to see the Fab 5 in action. I was so ecited. When I went in the arena there was hardly any security I just walked through and they scanned my ticket. I noticed that it was front row tickets.

I got to my seats and noticed 5 college kids who were so tall they towered over the other team. Everyone was cheering for the Fab 5 of Michigan. The Fab 5 was the first ever time that 5 African American freshmen started in a basketball game. The men were named Jimmy King, Jaun Howard, Jalen Rose, Ray Jackson and Chris Webber. Chris Webber just over powered everyone on the other team like they were little kids. After the game was over you could tell it was to easy for Michigan. They won by a whopping 47 points. In the parking lot I was waiting to meet the fab five because that was a dream of mine. When I saw them come out I introduced my self and the first thing they asked of me was what was in my pocket. Hesitating, I told them in a quiet way that it was a time machine.

I told them that I was stuck in the past and I couldn't get back to the future. They did not beleive me. They thought I was crazy. I explained everything and they finally told me there secret. They told me that they knew how to get me back to the future but it might go forward a little bit or maybe backward a little bit. So Chris Webber took out something that looked like a cell phone. In a loud and deep voice he said ''to the future''. I was very nervous because my time machine did not run very smoothly and this is the 90's and technology is not very strong. Surprisingly it ran as smooth as silk and we got from point A to point B very quick and swift. The first try we landed in 2015. While we were there he told me the rule that if you make eye contact with yourself you will vanish and no one will ever see you again. We tried a second time, this time we landed in 2050. We tried one more time and we landed perfectly in the same place that I was. When I got to my house in Elkin, I told Chris Webber goodbye. While he was gettiing out his time machine a knock came from the door. Chris tried to use his time machine but couldn't. I hid him from my parents and the person at the door. I opened the door and behind it was a tall elderly african american man who came to say hello to me. He said "hey do you remember me ''. I told him no and he said his name was Chris Webber. I was very scared because if they saw each other they both would vanish and there would be no Fab 5. He asked to come in and I said that he could. Nervously I gave him the tour of the house. Sweating we went down to the basement very slowly. I looked to see where the young Chris Webber was but he was gone. At that moment I had a huge sigh of relief. The old Chris Webber left and all was well.

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