The ABC's of
TRC Training

Welcome to the TRC training for the Written Response to Text.  Teachers are to:

A.  View the video.

B. Demonstrate understanding about how to access the Written Response to Text materials.

C. Submit your electronic signature verifying that you understand the content presented in the video and that you know how to access the Written Response to Text materials.

TRC Video
(Independent Viewing)

Watch the video.

Security Statement The Written Response to Text materials are considered to be ‘secure assessment materials.’ They should only be accessed by teachers and administrators who are involved in the mClass:Reading 3D assessment process. These materials should never be shared with parents or other individuals outside the school. They should never be copied for reasons other than benchmark assessing. They should never be photographed or duplicated for personal or commercial websites or shared through any social media.

Unless you have an mClass Login or you are an administrator directly involved in the K-3 Literacy Assessment process, you do not have permission to have the Written Response to Text Materials in your possession.

Accessing the Written Response to Text Materials
(Independent Learning)

Learn how to access the Reading 3D Assessment materials.  Then, actually find the materials.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on Support in the upper right corner
  3. Scroll down to mCLASS: Reading 3D Assessment Materials (Rigby Ultra Customers).
  4. Underneath it will be the link: mCLASS:Reading 3D Assessment Materials (North Carolina Rigby Ultra Customers)
  5. Click to link to the PDF.

Speak to your Instructional Coach if you still have questions or need additional guidance regarding the information presented or materials.

Written Response to Text Assessment Manual
(facilitated by the Instructional Coach)

The remainder of this tackk will be completed with your team and Instructional Coach.

The Instructional Coach will meet with your team(s) for the remaining part of the Written Response to Text training.  Once, this part of the training is complete you will sign the Written Response to Text Roster to verify that you have completed this training.


Go ahead and smile! You have officially completed the training! Check out the remaining sections to learn more about Reading 3D!

You have officially completed the TRC training! The remainder of this Tackk provides two more tools you can use - the Reading 3D FAQs and Dibels training videos.

Check out the Reading 3D FAQs for answers!

Here is a tool that you can use to answer your most frequently asked questions about Reading 3D. If your answers are not found here, contact your Instructional Coach.

"Teach Me How to Dibels?"

View a playlist of videos to support your understanding of many Reading 3D assessments.

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