By: Cherco

Did you know that pitbulls are the most feared dog in the world? But some people like me love pitbulls.


Pitbulls are kind of a big dog. The colors on a pitbull can be, fond, black, brown and white.


To take care of a pitbull you have to play games with them 4 times a week. You can play games like these tug of war and Frisbee or you can walk them.

Having a pitbull for a pet

Having a pitbull is really fun but there are some bad things and good things. The good things are they can protect you from bad people like people trying to break into your house and could scare them away. The bad things are some pitbulls don’t like other dogs they don’t grow up with, or not with them a lot.

Dog shows

You can also go to 2 types of dog shows where you win ribbons. The first dog show is where your pitbull pulls weights and whoever pulls the fastest and pulls the heaviest weights wins a 1st 2nd or 3rd place ribbon. The second dog show is where the prettiest dog wins, and has all the standers like not to long body, good teeth and a pitbulls face.


Pitbulls cannot really be that scary they can be really fun sometimes and they can protect you from bad guys.