“An empowered heart is one filled with self love.”

― Amy Leigh Mercree

The Power of Love

Love and

I believe in the importance of family,

the power of friendship,

the importance of courage,

the standing out from a crowd,

the following your dreams,

Faith, Love, Courage,

But I don’t believe in hate.

I believe in the way people love one another

I believe in the power of freedom,

I believe in the power of god,

Honesty, Strength, Happiness,

And I believe in the power of personal peace.

My credo is about family and love. I got this credo by loving my family and showing love back. The beliefs are important to me because they help understand what to deal with and how to ask for help from my family. Yes, I see it changing to evolve my friends and everyone/everything around me. It will shape it by trusting more people than I do now. This is significant to me because my nanny would tell me to love and be loved because in the end it hurts to do either anyway. No because other people shouldn’t have to follow my credo to become a better person.

By Morgan

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