Amendment 18
prohibition of liquor

The eighteenth amendment was ratified (approved) on January 16 1919.

The amendment was made to reduce crimes, corruption, poverty, decrease the need for prisons,  social problams would be solved, and there would be less deaths.

The eighteenth amendment was ratified in 1919 but didn't go into effect till 1920 one year and a day later. During this time was prohibition and from 1920 to 1933 no one could consume, sell, make, buy, or transport  alcohol.

The eighteenth amendment was made because alcoholism was strongly connected to abuse and unemployment.

Although there were loopholes to drink between 1920-1933  gang members would hire people to bring them alcohol and they would open secret bars called "speak easies"

You cant drink at 18 but the 21 amendment repealed that and now you can drink when your 21.

Its the only amendment that every got completely repealed.

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