The Berlin Wall

Who: Communist government of East Berlin, Democratic government of West Berlin, Soviet Union, and the United States

What: Berlin was separated into West and East Berlin because the Communist didn't want other people to have access to East Berlin.

Where: The Berlin Wall was located in the center of Berlin which was in Germany.

When: The Berlin Wall opened in 1961.

Why: The Berlin Wall was created to separate the Communist and Democrats.

How: An 87 mile long cement wall was put in the middle of Berlin to separate East and West Berlin. Snipers and dogs were used to keep people from escaping or climbing the wall.

Recap: The Berlin Wall was created to separate the Communist, East Berlin, from the Democrats, West Berlin. It was opened in 1961 and was enforced with snipers and dogs. It was demolished in 1989, when everyone was tired of it. You can see the line of concrete which is now the memorial.

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