SAMR Project
Lord of the Flies

23 June 2015

Jill Naylor

What is the pedagogical problem that you are trying to solve?

How does the symbolism of the story affect the themes and message that the author is trying to convey?

What is the context of the lesson?

The lesson reflects on the student’s prior activities of locating and identifying the uses of symbols and symbolism in the story, as well as overarching themes in the story. The students will also make connections between the text and society, the author's life and his work, and his goals for the outcome of his writing.

What are you asking you students to do?

In this lessons, the students will identify symbols, explain the symbolism behind it, and discuss how it is used to support the theme of the novel, and how that theme connects to the world today. Then the students will collaborate with each other by commenting on their classmates’ blogs, giving feedback, asking questions, and making connections.

How will you assess/evaluate the learning?

I will evaluate the learning by providing and referring to a rubric that the students should follow to hit all of the main points of the lesson. I will also check for participation, completion, and content.


The following link will connect you to the classroom blag page for this assignment.

Once you access the website, look for the Blog title "Blog Directions and Prompts" to continue.