SIU16: Time to Register!

Experience learning, tailored to your needs, by attending the 12th annual Spice it Up Conference on August 24, 2016! Take the next step in developing yourself as a digital age educator by learning with your colleagues. Please note the location; the conference will be held at Walled Lake Central High School. The conference is going to be fantastic! There are 57 breakout sessions!

Registration Info

Pre-registration for sessions in Kalpa is now mandatory (due to state and district policy).  If you are attending the conference, you can register for the keynote NOW (Kalpa #625103)-- doing this will give us a general idea of how many people to expect for the day, so we would really appreciate you taking the time to do this before leaving for summer break (don't worry it will count towards 2016-17)! Then, sometime before August 10, check the Breakout Sessions page to pick out which sessions you would like to attend, and head to Kalpa to register for each of them.  

Note that the conference is free for all Walled Lake employees. WL staff who do NOT have a Kalpa account (paras, secretaries, etc), please register for the conference by filling out this short form.

A limited number of guests can attend for a small fee ($50). If you are NOT a Walled Lake Schools staff member and wish to attend the conference, please pay online and then fill out this registration form. Contact Pam Shoemaker if you have questions.

Keynote Speaker

Matt Miller is a teacher, blogger and presenter from Indiana. He has infused technology and innovative teaching methods in his classes for more than 10 years. He is the author of the book Ditch That Textbook: Free Your Teaching and Revolutionize Your Classroom. He combines a conversational, engaging speaking style with loads of resources, leaving teachers equipped and inspired to move forward.

Matt's DITCH Model:

D=Different;  I=Innovative; T=Tech-laden, C=Creative, H=Hands-on

Session Formats

Traditional: Presenters show and/or inform participants about a topic. Participants listen with an opportunity to ask questions.

Informal/Participatory: Presenters facilitate a conversation about a topic. Participants are expected to contribute actively to the conversation.

Hands-on: Presenters help participants interact with a tool/s. Participants learn in a hands-on fashion how the tool/s work and consider implementation strategies.

Questions? Comments?

Contact Pam Shoemaker, WLCSD Technology Instructional Coach, by filling out the form below.