1982: The Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Unit Four Culminating

The Canadian Constitution and Rights and Freedoms are two of the most important documents in Canada which many people take for granted. The learning targets are to learn what these documents mean and how they affect us in our lives today.

This Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom is found inside the Canadian Constitution

This is what the Charter of Rights and Freedoms looks like.

Included in this document are rights and freedoms such as the freedom of thought and opinion and the freedom of religion. The video below will go into further detail about what this document actually is.

Watch to 4:20 (say no to drugs)

How does this document affect us today?

Without the "Charter" many things that we do everyday and take for granted we wouldn't be able to do. For example be able to g to church, share your opinion freely others, vote, and even protest. It protects minority groups and other vulnerable groups from discrimination. Wherever you belong in the Canadian society you should be proud of the "Charter" because one day when you get into a bad situation it may become your

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