Felix Hernandez Journal

By: Felix Hernadez

Journal Entry 1 I am Felix Hernandez. I grew up in New York city. I had loving parents and we were very wealthy. I am fighting for the confederate because we need slaves for our farms to prospire and bring in money. My parents don't hurt the slaves though. I have 4 kids all named Tom. I am 18. I am a lieutenant.

Person 1 I’m fit to be tied with you.

You're gonna to get whipped

Person 1 I’m gonna stab you with my Arkansas toothpick.

I'm toeing the mark while your quick stepping

Person 1 What You’re the one who is played out I do twice the work you do I’ve been through the mill

I have green bags while you have quick steps

Person 1 lets hope at the next battle you get shot so the sawbones will cut off all your limbs

your tight from drinking a lot of tar water

Person 1 You think that you've got the horse sense but you’re as dumb as a rock

You're as smart as a goober

Journal entry 3 Camp is in a pretty bad location it is very cold but not freezing they wont tell us where we are though. I tend to wake up in the night because I am very cold and having bad dreams. On a normal day we are usually moving somewhere, and we have to get there fast and take the trips on bad terrain so we will be hidden.

Journal entry 4 Jeremiah will not survive no I think he will try to hide somewhere but get caught and killed. Jeremiah will never see his brother again and will wish he took the train so he could see his brother again.

Journal Entry 5 Camp has been terrible i have no friends and the food is terrible i throw up almost every time I see it. The only good thing is really hard bread that you have to soak in hot liquid for hours and its still hard, it is called hard tack. We also have frozen vegetables that make me throw up, you guys know that I hate vegetables. Lots of times I have a asked to play cards with a couple of people and they say no. I hate it here please pray for me.

Journal entry 6 I've been here all day sitting around making money having fun and sitting around. making money, money, money money very funny in a rich mans world and i’m rich.

Journal entry 7 There are lots of injury's here. Luckily I have not been hurt yet. Lots of times when people are hurt there limbs have to be amputated and much worse stuff that I do not want to endure. There are lots of sicknesses happening out of battle that is killing people also. There is a flu going around our camp, I am praying that I don't get it, because people are dying. Please pray for me.

Journal Entry 8 Dear Mom and Dad I can not wait till I get home life here is terrible. I am scared for my life everyday I cannot live like this I need to come home. I miss you guys so much. When I come home (if I do) can you throw a party because my life is really hard all I want to do is relax, but every time we sit down we sit down, we suddenly have to go somewhere else.

This is what I see everyday a confederate hat.

Photo prompt morning This is what I see when I wake up my sheets that I put over me when I sleep.

Photo prompt battle This is what I see before battle it is a Confederate jersey.

Photo prompt fun For fun I like to play baseball.

Photo Prompt home I can't wait till I come home I hate it here.

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