Ten tips on the Arabian Peninsula

Things to help you in the Arabian Peninsula

Mountain tip

Mountains are very cold at the top and it is very rocky but is good for farming on the sides.  

Desert tip

The desert is that it is very hot in the day and at night it is super cold and you should make sure you know were the ceases.

Oases tip

Oases you should map out where all of them are so you can always find water and if you were to make a house make it by an oases.

Coastal Plains

Coastal plains  are very dry and rocky but a lot of people farm there and there are a lot of dry river banks.

Other tips

Some other tips are that you should make lots of stops for water and make sure you always have water to drink.  Plan so you can always have a place to go for water. Make lots of trading routes to go different by water and by land.

This is one of the mountains that they made flat and then farmed with the land. Mountains are very rocky and it is usually colder at the top of the mountains and they get more rain so it is good for farming to

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