K-12 mLearning Options


What is it? Animoto is a video making app. It allows students to use text, photos, and music and integrate them to make videos.

How can it be used? Animoto can be used by teachers for specific group projects as a creative approach to the projects. For example, Animoto can be used to create trailers for English or Social Studies assignments and also be used to present stats and compliment projects themselves.


What is it? Audioboom is a website and mobile app that allows users to create audios and upload them as well.

How can it be used? Audioboom can facilitate geographical landscape for Social Studies as students can provide commentary about their location within the city and how it impacts economic understanding. Students can also use Audioboo as a complementary piece for a visual presentation to provide a virtual tour on their Museum projects in Social Studies 20-1AP.


What is it? Videolicious is a website and a mobile app which allows users to create videos.

How can it be used? Students can create videos of themselves and create a news channel to present events leading up to the 30 Years War in Social Studies 20-1AP. This not only demonstrates the students creative ability, but it also illustrates how students can integrate course material into a variety of mediums to present the knowledge.


What is it? Voicethread A website and a mobile app which allows users to add text, pictures, video, and audio to present their content.

How can it be used? Voicethread can give students the choice to do an audio or video presentation on the project and utilize text for viewers to follow along. For example, students could be asked to explain a historical figure during the Renaissance for a Social Studies 20-1AP course. This way, students who are shy and do not want to do a presentation in front of class could use this app.

Comics Head

What is it? Comics Head is a website and mobile app that allows users to create comics on various subjects.

How can it be used? Although some people may think Comics Head is useful for Elementary education, I believe it can also be used in secondary as well. To go along with the visual theme of this tackkboard, although Comics Head does not incorporate video or audio, it is still a visual component because it is a description of a story or event that is seen through drawings and pictures. This way, students can engage with their artistic side for the assignment. The assignment could be to detail the events of the French Revolution in Social Studies 20-1 and 20-1AP.

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