Augmented reality

in Education

What is Augmented Reality ?

Augmented Reality is an augmented version of realty created by mixing technology with the known world.

What is the connection with education?

AR can be used to promote more interactive learning environment.

AR allows to create active learning experiences through creating and interacting.

Teachers can use AR to bring their learning to life.

AR applications

AR applications can be divided into two categories:

1. Marker based/Image recognition – using a camera these applications recognize a marker or an image in the real world, calculate its position & orientation to augment the reality.

2. GPS based – these applications take advantages of Global Positioning System [GPS] tools in your phone. The applications use the ‘position’ of your phone to find landmarks and any other point of interests [POI]. Once the POI or landmark is revealed the user can get additional information about it or get directions to reach there.

When will be adopted widely?

Coming soon ...

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