🔫I spit rounds likeå gun rånge🔫

Me!! Gage M and im liven the dream;)

Biggest Fear

Ever sence I've been a little chap I've had a big fear of whales. Whales to me are big killing monsters... I am afread of whales because I have heard storys of them flipping boats and and there teeth are like giant vacumes.#whataboutme#kettner#tech32

Biggest Weekness...

My biggest weekness is girls. Girls are weird you ever know what there thinking and thats hard for a guy because guys want to know whats up. Girls (one in partiacular) are beautiful, loving, and flat out awesome. But still girls will be girls.

Rivalry With Blane

Ever sense we were about 8 and 10 Blane and I had a rivalry. To Pokemon, rocks, or being best at Call Of Duty. It was a rivalry and it still goes on today...

This is Blane when he was in his mid-prim now a days hes ballen up in LOL and hangen with the bros.

How I Felt Went I Went To Summer Camp

Frist time I went to camp was when I was 10. I went to a Seventh Day Adventist camp and it was really fun i got to pick what classes I took, and I took unicylcleing, canoeing, and wakeboarding! I got to stay there for a week. I got to make new friends and lurn about God it was the best!!

My Frist Crush

My First crush...



I am from Spokan and the farest Ive been from home is Mexico

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