Short Story Know-How

What you need to create your very own short story!

Stages of Plot:

Exposition: The Exposition is the beginning of the story. When you create the exposition you must introduce the character, conflict and setting.

Rising Action: The rising action is the point of the story between the exposition and the climax. During this segment, the story begins to heat up.

Climax: During the climax, the character faces his problem. He/she must change in some way or another to solve his problem(s).

Falling Action: During the falling action, the story cools down. Smaller conflicts may also be resolved.

Resolution: This part of the story wraps everything up! It may answer some of the readers questions, like why, when, who, or how.

Revising and Editing

Revising: When you revise you are making boring or worn-out words and phrases stand out like a firecracker in a haystack. You have to make the story interesting for the reader to follow along!

Editing: When you edit a story, you're fixing what's broken. That means you fix grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization errors.

_____________________________________________________________---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our Short Stories - Athens Allec

Romeo and Juliet, no, it’s Paige and Camden

Hi. I'm Paige Brooks. I used to be Paige White. I know you are all like oh she got married, but it’s a lot harder than that. Ever since I got married to Camden, Brooks and Whites where sworn enemies. Grand White let Mr. Brooks use our saw and he returned it BROKEN!! But I don’t hold grudges. Our families eventually got along after they had to save us from sleeping forever. Wait, I am going to fast, let me start from the beginning…

“ Paige, come here!” Camden whispered as he poked his out from a tree. We were at our high school graduation on June 10 (I think) and it was held at Lake Evans. A giant lake that was so beautiful when it shimmered in the light of the sun.” What?” I asked. I got no reply so I followed him. He soon stopped at a clearing by the lake with no trace of the party, just the beautiful sounds of nature. We sat down and in silence. “ I know our family’s hate each other, but does that mean we have to too?” he asked as we looked deep into each other’s eyes.” No, of course not. Why?” , ”Because ,well, ever since middle school, I ……. Um…… Oh forget this” he mumbled right before he kissed me! KISSED ME!!!!! “ Paige?” he questioned probably because my face looked like I just got stuck by lightning. “Paige, are you OK?” he asked again” Why did you do that?!” I asked with a hint of panic in my voice” You know our parents will flip!” I half yelled half whispered "Because I love you” he finished right before he kissed me AGAIN!!! “ Paige!! What are you doing?!?” my mom yelled as she ran through the forest. “Camden!! Why the crap did you do that?!? Out of no where a frog started talking!!” these two are in love and you are going to break them apart. And for that they will fall into a deep sleep like death. It can only be broken if both families can work together to find a diamond. I don’t care where, just a REAL diamond.” He croaked. As soon as he finished I only remember falling down then a deep blackness. I am going to guess that what they did was hopped in the car and drove to Kay’s, got a diamond ring, and brought it to the frog. He probably has a frog wife because my mom says she heard him mumble, “Maybe now she will forgive me.” He woke us up and after our families hugged us he hopped onto my hand “don’t ever think nobody can change and don’t ever let anyone make you change.” He whispered to me. I know you were expecting more to the story and there is more to the story but I still have to tend to baby Evan!! I hope from this short tale you learned that anyone can change, even your friends and family. “ BOOM!!CRASH!!CAPLOOP!!SWLASH!! BAAAAAWWWWW!!!” oh no, baby Evan just knocked something over. **UGH** Just like his father!!


Our Short Stories - George Peterson

Once Upon a Dream

Nora is an azure glowing orb known as a dream giver to most people. Taffy was also a dream giver. Every night they float around giving people good dreams or nightmares. This particular night was breezy, so they didn't mind who they gave dreams to. “Look! An open window!” exclaimed Taffy, as she floated as fast as she could towards it. “Finally! I was about to fall down and call it quits” sighed Nora. As they gathered their wits, the duo entered the dark room.

“It’s so dark in here” complained Taffy. “Ow! You hit my… um, my fat layer? Whatever, I might as well light us up.” Nora shook her body, bells jingled, and she was glowing half as bright as the sun when you look it directly in the eye. “Whoa.” The illuminated bell ball drew in a sharp breath. “Oh, he’s adorable!” Taffy squealed. The two were staring at a young boy sleeping peacefully on his equine bed. “Dibs!” Nora yelled. A brilliant white flash emitted from her as they entered the boy’s dreams.

When the light faded away, the salty scent of the sea invaded wherever their nostrils would be. They were floating above the boy as his new dream unfolded before him. “Where am I? Just a second ago I was fighting space pirates in a volcano, and now I’m eating… Lobster! I love lobster!” The young boy blabbered on as he chowed down on his seafood. Taffy almost puked. “We never give anyone nightmares!” At that, the half-eaten lobster came alive and started pinching its claws at the boy! He screamed and fell on his butt, shaking all over. “You always do that!” Nora yelled. She held up her ectoplasm purse and smacked Taffy into the depths of the sea.

“W-what have I done?!” Nora floated down to the deck below and began weeping. She thought of all the times Taffy made her laugh, smile, giggle, or grin. She remembered how they always found a way to compromise no matter what. Not this time. This time, Nora snapped, but nobody could put her back together. Her other piece, Taffy, was gone forever.

It was that night before the boy awoke that Nora screamed at the fabricated skies, swearing revenge for her lost friend. Having no idea what just happened, the boy opened his eyes in bed. “Where’s my lobster”, the boy muttered. He shook his head confusedly and fell back to sleep.


Our Short Stories - Madison Fortune

Wish on a Shooting Star

There once a little girl named Emily, who loves to play with dolls, but her most favorite one is a doll named Shara. Shara has short brown hair, amber eyes, and tan skin, but Shara isn't an ordinary doll, she can come alive, whenever no one was looking of course. Emily is made fun of at school for her (obsessive) love of dolls, so she has no friends, well real ones anyway. One night, Emily is sitting in her room as she says to herself, “I wish I had a real friend, someone who I can trust,” She falls asleep with a book in her lap, but little did she know, right when she closed her eyes, plants started growing out of her book! Shara, being able to come alive, saw this, and started to panic, quietly though, as a sprit appears from the mass of vines, but is soon silenced by the female ghost. “You want to be real, yes?” She asked, the frightened doll nodded as the spirit continues, “I can grant you this, but you must become friends with this girl,” She gestures at Emily, the redhead sleeping peacefully. “O-of course,” Shara stuttered, the spirit nods and soon disappears taking the plants with it.

The next morning, Emily wakes up, she sits up, and her emerald eyes widen as her eyes land on a small figure sleeping on the floor, who looks a lot like Shara, except bigger. Emily lets out a small shriek, as the figure stirs, sits up, and turns to look at her, “E-Emily?” She stutters, once again, Emily’s widen as she whispered, “Shara?” The small girl nods, as Emily’s pale skin turns even paler. Shara stands up and starts walking over to the redhead, Emily shakes her head “Get away from me!” She yells at the brown haired girl, throwing a pillow at her. Shara turns and runs to the door and out the small house, not even caring where she goes. She finally stops and sits down, pulling her legs to her chest, burying her head as she started to cry, at this rate, Emily would never be friends with her. Meanwhile, Emily gets dressed to go to school, but when there, she’s can’t focus, she’s too busy thinking about Shara. After a day that feels like eternity, school is finally let out, and as Emily walks home, she is stopped by Brittany and her gang, otherwise known as the school bullies, they start making fun of Emily, when all the sudden, a girl, who they don’t even recognize, tells them off. Brittany is taken aback; no one has ever stood up to her before. Emily finally notices that the girl is Shara, when the bullies run off, Shara turns around and smiles at her, but Emily, being Emily, just turns and runs away.

Emily runs towards the forest, where her favorite spot is, a cliff overlooking miles of woods. ‘What am I going to do?’ Emily thought as she watched the vast of green. ‘Brittany is just going to get Shara on her side, like all the other kids,’ the girl’s emerald eyes scanned the area, as she continued to watch. Before she knew it, the cliff had started to break, it was a small piece, but it was enough to have Emily start falling. Emily feels a hand grab hers, pulling her back to solid ground, seeing none other than…Shara. The said girl was crying, soon pulling the redhead into a hug, “Are you okay?” She asks, pulling away, “Yeah I’m fine, but why did you save me? I mean I haven’t done anything for you, in fact, I’ve been doing the opposite,” Emily breathes out. Shara sighs and looks away, “Well, um, I just want to be your friend, so I thought doing something nice for you would-“ But she is cut off by Emily hugging her, “You just saved my life! Of course we’re friends!

The two girls walk out of the forest, and head towards Emily’s house, where Emily hopes to convince her parents to help Shara. They walk in through the front door, “I’m home!” Emily shouts, as her mom tells her to come into the kitchen, Emily turns to Shara, “Stay here,” she whispers while walking off towards the kitchen. As Emily walks in, she sees her parents sitting around the kitchen table, they smile at her and gesture her to sit down, “Sweetie, your father and I have something to tell you,’’ Inside, Emily panics, her mom doesn’t ever call her ‘Sweetie’ unless something important is going on. “Your father got a new job, one that will pay more money, but, we’re going to have to move.” Emily’s face lights up. Moving means getting away from the bullies and starting over, possibly getting friends! But she then frowns, “That’s great Mom, but I have to ask you something.”

Emily leads Shara into the kitchen. “Mom, Dad, this is Shara, she’s an…orphan.” Emily lies, well its half true, Shara doesn't have any parents after all. Her Dad looks Shara over, “I don’t know, I mean-“ But her mom holds a hand up, “Now, dear, I don’t really see the point in not helping the poor kid, I mean, we are getting a bigger house, aren't we?” Her Dad scratches the back of his head, “Well, yeah but still-“ He is cut off yet again, this time by Emily. “Then its settled! Shara is going to come with us!” Shara’s amber eyes shine, “Really?!” She exclaims, “This is the BEST DAY EVER!” Shara shouts. A couple of weeks later, everyone is helping out to put all the stuff in the moving truck, hours later, everything is finally packed up and ready to go, with two girls looking over the house, “You ready?” Shara asks Emily, who nods and says “As ready as I’ll ever be.” The family then gets into to the car leaving behind the old house, old school, old life. Emily sighs and thinks to herself ‘Well, it seems as though I got my wish, the one that I wished upon a shooting star.’


Our Short Stories - Blake Jones

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