Women During WWII

Women played a huge role in World War II, and it was a turning point for most women.

  • During World War II, about 350,000 women served in the armed forces.
  • Between 1940-1945 the work force of women increased from 27% to 37%
  • More than 310,000 women worked in the U.S. aircraft industry, representing 65% of the entire workforce, when before the war, it was just 1%.

This propaganda was one that was a huge inspiration to most women. It showed that women could be just as important as men.

Women also did things like...

  • manage finances
  • become great housewives and cooks
  • learned to fix cars
  • became officers

Women proved that they could do the same things as men could. This is why it was a huge turning point.

The effect women had on World War II, lasted after the World War also. After the World War...

  • More women were in the labor force than at any previous time in history
  • Women started getting jobs that they could do from inside their homes
  • Many women found jobs previously unavailable to them in aircraft plants, shipyards, manufacturing companies, and the chemical, rubber, and metals factories producing war materials.

Overall, Women played a huge role in World War II, and changed life for everyone after their generation. This helps me to have more appreciation for how things were back then, because I never realized how women were looked at until World War II, when they changed everything. Now I understand why this was one of the most important turning points in history.

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