FFA, and Charly

These are all differences from the movie.

1. That they made it a love story between Ms. Kinninan, and Charly

2. It seems he just reverts back into a mentally challenged man.

3. Charly relieves to the crowd that Algernon had died, and that he would turn out the same.

4. They spend more time at the assembly of psychologist explaining whats going to happen to Charly.

5. Charly, and Ms. Kinninan run away for a week without any contact with the two doctors.

6. Ms. Kinninan proposes to Charly.

7. Ms. Kinninan gives the tests.

8. The story is in Boston.

9. There is an extra friend that isn't in the story.

10. It's in a rye bread factory.


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