The use of ICT in the EFL class

Technology as an assistant in the process of knowledge building

How important is technology for your education?
Is ICT an integral part of your learning?

Considering Prensky's conceptualization of students as Digital Immigrants (2001), it has been observed that the particular qualities these students present require from their educators constant reflection and self-evaluation in order to be able to adapt to these learners' needs and to the characteristics of the society nowadays. The students we have in our classrooms today are very different from those we had many years ago. It is evident that they think and construct knowledge in a significantly different way. These learners are used to doing many activities at the same time, they have grown up in constant contact with technology, and they usually want things now and here. Today, new literacies have arisen and have become essential competences to be adopted and developed by all members of society. For instance, the digital literacy, which is now a requirement to actively participate in society.

The main characteristics of the present society demand from teachers to reflect and change their usual practices and to adapt to the tools and techniques that the use of ICTs offers to us. The implementation of ICTs in class gives us the possibility to work and build knowledge in different innovative ways. Furthermore, it provides students with the chance to experience learning and costructing knowledge from a different perspective, being themsleves the protagonists in this process and having the teacher as a guide, facilitator.

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