Coco Chanel -by H.N.A.

" In order to be  irreplaceable  one must always be different" - Chanel

-Coco Chanel (Gabrielle  Bonheur Chanel) was born August 19,1883 to EugĂ©nie Jeanne Devolle and Albert Chanel  in Saumur, France .   She  had  three brothers , and two sisters.

- Their names  were Julia, Antoinette, Lucien,  Alphonse, and Augustin.

-After her mothers death  she  was placed  in a convent with her , and  when she turned  18  ended up going to a boarding house  for Catholic girls .  During her years, at the convent she would go on school vacations  where relatives  who lived in Moulin taught her  sewing skills.

-She was able to take on a job as a seamstress because  of the skills learnt in her years at the convent. She eventually tried for a career  in singing, and was not successful.

-She was never  married, but  she had  many   boyfriends, lovers, and suitors. She was a strong, independent woman.

-But what she is known for  is   being a famous fashion designer  her lovely designs like her   signature  "little" black dress and Chanel suit.    Her designs are still known , and bought today.  She  influenced  the 20th century with  releasing women from   the " constraining corseted silhouette"  , and  caused a social acceptance of women wearing   casual, chic designs.  

Fun Facts

About Chanel:


What really started off  Coco Chanel's first fashion venture  was  with the help of two men she dated Balsan and Cap.   She started off with  a  hat shop.

Her first  dress shop was launched off  thanks to her dress that she had sewn out of an old jersey. Many asked where she had gotten it from.  Thus her "little black dress" was born.  

She was the first person to have a vanity perfume . It  was called Chanel No. 5.


Coco Chanel  died of illness January 10, 1971 at the age of  87. She left  a legacy  of a well-known and loved brand  today.  

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