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Henry Wordsworth

Longfellow was born in 1807 and died in 1882 at age 75Though much of his work is categorized as Lyric poetry, Longfellow experimented with many forms, including Hexameter and Free verse. His published poetry shows great versatility, using anapestic and trochaic forms

Longfellow's early collections, Included Voices of the Night and Ballads and Other Poems, they  made him instantly popular. People called him "One of the very few in our time who has successfully aimed in putting poetry to its best and sweetest uses".

A Nameless Grave

'A soldier of the Union mustered out,'
Is the inscription on an unknown grave
At Newport News, beside the salt-sea wave,
Nameless and dateless; sentinel or scout
Shot down in skirmish, or disastrous rout
Of battle, when the loud artillery drave
Its iron wedges through the ranks of brave
And doomed battalions, storming the redoubt.
Thou unknown hero sleeping by the sea
In thy forgotten grave! with secret shame
I feel my pulses beat, my forehead burn,
When I remember thou hast given for me
All that thou hadst, thy life, thy very name,
And I can give thee nothing in return.