Canada has a policy which accepts all cultures.  So you are welcomed no matter what religion or culture you belong to.

Constitutional Monarchy

Canada's government is a constitutional monarchy.

Prime Minister

So if you come to canada you will know the common things like how the prime minister is Stephen Harper. He runs the executive branch with in the legislator.


If your thinking about moving. Canada would be a great place to move too or just to get away from stuff that is happening in your country for awhile.

Pierre Trudeau

Some history about Canada in 1982 he gave effort to the charter of rights and freedoms to the Canadian constitution.


If you like the forest.  Canada has a huge timber industry because most of Canada is covered in forest.


If you don't speak English that well and can speak French that is okay because Canada has two official languages.

First Nations

A cool thing to check out when you come to Canada is the tribal groups which are the descendants of the first settlers from Asia.

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