Mobile Apps for K-12

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What is it?  LetterSchool is an app for the ipad that allows users to create letters and numbers with their finger.

How is it used?  This app is ideal for kindergarten to grade one students.  This tool allows students to create a number or letter correctly with distinct markers. Example, starting at the top and going down.  It could be used as a Language Arts center activity.

Park Math

What is it? Park Math is an interactive game that allows user to practice basic math skills such as counting, adding and subtracting.  Students use manitpulatives such as animals to assist their learning.

How is it used?  This app is best suited for students kindergarten to grade 3.  It incorporates music and learning making it very motivating for students.  This could be used as an assessment tool or in a math center.


What is it?  PaintSparkle is an interactive tool that enables users to create paintings with their finger.

How is it used? This app gives the student feedback as they paint.  When you drag your finger across the page, it makes music!  This acts as a motivator for students.  This app would be best for lower elementary students (k-3) but could be used for older students as well.

Math Formulas

What is it?  This app allows users to store frequently used mathematical formulas and have them readily available.

How is it used?  Students grades 10-12 can use this for in-class and homework assignments.  Depending on the learner outcome, it could also be assessable for students to use during exams.


What is it?  This app has standard math drills and problems solvers.  It tests user knowledge through multiple choice and with a scratchboard area where they can work through their problem.

How is it used?  This app can be adapted so that it can be used in kindergarten all the way to grade 12.  It could be used for "Mad Minute" type activities as well as in a math centre.  This app can be used individually or with partners.

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