3rd largest island in the caribbean


Capitol: kingston

official language: English

estimated population: 2,758,000

Money: Jamaican dollar


average temperature:

  • winter: 75F ( 24C )
  • summer: 80F ( 27C )
  • rainy seasons:
  • may through June
  • september through november
  • rainiest months:
  • may, october

Christopher Columbus found the lignum vitae or the national flower of Jamaica. It s name means wood of life. Probably adopted because of it medicinal property’s. The flower is on of the most useful because of its uses. It comes from a tree and almost the entire tree is useful. The wood was even used to make propellers for ships.

Jamaica’s national bird is the swallowtail humming bird. The Jamaican hummingbird produces iridescent colors; the male has two long tails witch stream behind him when it is flying. The bird for years was immortalized in Jamaican folklore and songs. One of its nicknames the doctor bird was given to it because of the black crest and tails represent the hat and the long tailcoats that doctors used to wear in the old days.


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