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Cuba, now officially the Republic of Cuba, is a unique little country in the Caribbean. From art to night life, Cuba has a very diverse life style. Cuba has a great reputation for its musical talents and dancing.

Cuba's music is unique to the area and is greatly influenced by the people, their music is up beat and happy. Most people in Cuba also know a dance called the Cuban salsa which is seen in the video above.

Art in cuba

Cuban art is also one of Cuba's unique traditions. The art contains traces of African, South American, European and North American. Most of the art is extremely colorful, and again is influenced by the people around it. Most of the walls in Cuba are covered in colorful collages of people and shapes. Many say that whats unique about the art is that, even done by professionals, the art still contains and shows a "childlike freshness".


Cuba is also well known for its many beaches, because the island is basically a big beach, Cuba is a summer holiday. Those who are able to visit, spend most of their time relaxing and enjoying the diverse culture.


The most asstonishing factor of Cuba, is its culture. Cuba's culture is like no other.

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