Come to France

If you are a louse and are looking for a new victim, you should come to the trenches in France. There are plenty of people in the trenches waiting to be eaten.

Some reasons you should come to France:

- There aren't a lot of other lice here.

- Things like trench foot, diseases and injuries leave people lying around, waiting to be fed on.

- They have tried a few methods to try to get rid of us lice that are already here, but they haven't been successful so far

- They aren't expecting you to come, so they won't be prepared or take any precautions to keep you away

- You're so small that they won't be able to use the methods they use to kill rats or other animals with in the trenches

The French trenches look like this:

As you can see, the trenches are very dirty and people are usually just lying around, almost like they want to be fed on. It is very easy to find a victim and feed on them, so come and join us. If you come to France you'll be very happy and I think you'll find that it will be worth the trip.

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