Skeleton Creek

By: Patrick Carman

I chose the book Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman. The author grew up in and lived in Oregon for a long time so most of the books he writes have their settings in Oregon like this one. The two main characters are Sarah and Ryan. The book takes place in present day Skeleton Creek, Oregon, and the main settings are Ryan's house and the Dredge. Ryan is an artistic boy because he is always writing in his journal. He is also very curious because he is trying to uncover clues about the mystery in his town but usually tries to stay out of danger. Sarah, on the other hand, is more of a daring and adventurous character. She always puts herself in danger to find more clues. An example is when Ryan and her get back from the dredge the first time Sarah wants to go back for more clues. She ends up getting Ryan and herself in a lot of danger in the end.   

This is Ryan and Sarah about to go int the dredge for the last time, but first you have to know the story before this. Sarah and Ryan go to the dredge for the very first time and Ryan falls and hurts his leg while Sarah gets something very interesting on video. Sarah and Ryan are told not to talk to each other anymore but they secretly email each other to try to find clues for the mystery of Old Joe Bush and the dredge. The climax of the book is that when Sarah starts sneaking out to go to the dredge to find more clues on the mystery but Ryan thinks that she could get killed so he calls her house and then her parents get really suspicious. The falling action is when Ryan and Sarah think the mystery of Old Joe Bush is that since he knew a secret he wasn't supposed to know the people who were supposed to know killed him. I would tell you to read the book to find out what happens next to Ryan and Sarah but there is a sequel so I don't even know what happens.        

These are all of the books in the Skeleton Creek series


This is the author Patrick Carman he is a very successful author with over 30 books he has wrote.

I would recommend this book for people who like mysteries, horror, and adventure books because this book has all of that so even if you just like one of those I would still read it.

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