Education and training

Vocational and technical education (VTE), also called vocational education and training (VET), is education that is designed specifically to help you develop the skills you need to work in a particular industry or occupation.

Through VTE, you can learn the skills you need to enter the workforce or retrain for a new occupation, or improve your existing knowledge and skills if you are already working.

Health science

  • It might only take you a few minutes to finish a meal but it takes your body around 12 hours before it has completely digested the food.
  • The human body needs iron to help perform a number of important  functions. Iron helps carry oxygen to parts of your body in the form of hemoglobin. Not having enough can lead to iron deficiency and symptoms such as weakness and fatigue.
  • Examples of iron rich foods include red meat, fish, chick peas, tofu, beans and lentils.
  • Red blood cells are created inside the marrow of your bones, they serve the important role of carrying blood around your body.