Teach Spellings to your Kids with These Great Apps

Today at digital age, autocorrect and spell checkers have spoiled the habit of checking spellings. There are some great tools that should be developes the foundation and listed are some apps that can help out in spelling in your iPhone. Some of them are mentioned below:

My Spell Test:

My Spell Test is a custom spelling creator app that is an essential part for your iPhone. There is no better way to check your spelling and actually it takes the spelling test. In this app, users just have to simply test the word list and then record it by yourself. Users will hear the word and they will then type the in how you think the word is spelled.

SpellDown Spelling Bee:

This is also an essential app for your iPhone and the functionality is almost the same. Users mostly prefers to have a simple app. Another advantage of SpellDown Spelling Bee is that users can find in this app is that it will fetch the audio for tests and in return it saves the set up process. Its a nice app that prefers being an essential one.

iSpell 123:

Are you facing trouble in spelling out numbers? Well, iSpell 123 is the solution to it. This app inquires you to transforms either numbers into words or words into numbers. This app is easy to use and also proves to be effective in teaching. It can be a great addition to your iDevice for learning spellings.