Parts of a River



A water source is were the water comes form. Normally the tops of mountains.  


One of the parts of a river is headwaters . A headwaters are the area of high water where there is minimal sunlight and is calm.

These are the headwaters of River Wey

Flood Plain

A floodplain is normally at the bottom. It is land that gets flooded during rainy times.


Downriver is the fastest part. It is in the middle of flood plain and headwaters.


Nile River Delta

A delta is an outflow to the ocean/sea.


A tributary is a side flow away from the mainstream.


A divide is a mountain or hills that separate water.

Great Basins

A water body that stays still. When water evaporates salt is left behind. A great basin has no outflow to anything.

Water Sheds

This is an area of high water to low water that empty's out into a larger body of water.

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