The Holocaust

The beginning date of the Holocaust is January 30, 1933 when the Austrian , Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany , which marked the beginning of a 12-year genocide.


Kristallnacht a.k.a the Night of Broken glass , was one of the first big coordinated attacks on the Jews. It happened on November 9-10 ,1938 after a 17-year old Polish Jew shot and killed a member of the German embassy. Mobs of violence broke out in Nazi controlled areas and Jewish citizens were beaten and murdered. Jewish shops and department stores had their windows smashed and vandalized. Roughly 25,000 Jewish men were rounded up and deported to concentration camps.

Yellow Star

On September 1 , 1941 , all German Jews were ordered to wear a Yellow Star badge to distinguish themselves from other Germans.  


During the January of 1942 , the chain of soon-to-be famous mass killings started. It wasn't until 3-years later that the Soviet troops and destroyed Auschwitz. There roughly 1.1 million people were murdered at Auschwitz , most of them Jews.


Out of the 6 million Jews killed during the holocaust , about 1\6 of them died to the infamous Einsatzgruppen , or the German " Task Force ". They were responsible for most of the mass shootings  , one being the notorious Babi Yar , where 33,000 Jews were killed in over the course of 2-days.

The End of the Holocaust

The allied troops advance further into Nazi territory at the beginning of 1945. As the end of the Nazi regime is nearing , death marches are conducted to move the inmates away from the outlying area.  Multiple concentration camps are liberated , including Auschwitz. On April 30 , 1945 , Hitler commits suicide. The Holocaust has ended , but not after a death toll of 11 million people , 6 million of those Jews.

Stopping it before it even began

The Holocaust and other wars/genocides that were caused by race/religion difference could all have been prevented if we stopped all inequality and see that everyone is equal in the world and overthrew any leader that though otherwise.

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