Famous Amphitheater Crumbles

The Roman Colosseum is crumbling to a unsafe point.

FEBUARY 27th, 2015 The Colosseum, long ago built by roman architectures Vespasian and Titus, is beginning to crumble from old age. Yesterday in rome the east side fell down. Today in Rome, it continues to slowly continues.

The Colosseum is mainly made of Travertine White Limestone and it consists of 7 rings, 80 pillars in each. "I'm afraid our tourist rate will plummet soon after the piece of work falls down, the next best we Romans have is the giant statue of Colossus" Claims local, Jack Clape. Which relates to socialism.

The Colosseum is currently and has been the most popular building in Rome and the largest amphitheater in Rome. The upper half which is made up of concrete and brick is the part mainly in danger of falling apart. This upper circle holds a total 250 masts that would support a gigantic awning to provide shade back then

These masts are now falling down and endangering people of the public. The building held many activities in ancient times such as water battles, gladiator battles, and many more. In related news, North Korea is starting a Nuclear war- WAIT WHAT?

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