Middle Colonies

"A tradition of trust, respect, & equality"

By: Lukas Hudson

Basic Facts/Geography

The Middle Colonies is one of the three regions of Colonies. The Middle Colony states include New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, because they were farther south, the growing season was much longer. This made the Middle Colonies good for farming. You may not know this, but there are great opportunities for farming and you don't have to worry about the terrible hot humid summers of the south.


The Middle colonies was known for their mills and bread. People actually on average eat about 1 pound of bread per day. The mills used to make the bread was powered by water. This was very helpful if you want to live in the Middle colonies. Everyday you can wake up with pancakes, waffles, and pretzels for breakfast.


The Middle Colonies had rich soil, allowing the area to become a great exporter of wheat and other grains. The lumber and shipbuilding industries enjoyed success in the Middle Colonies because of the forests, and had moderate success in the textile and iron industry. This would be a ideal spot for imports and could offer some great job opportunities.

Climate (Weather)

The Middle Colonies had a milder climate and much better soil than New England. The middle colonies have nice warm summers and mild-moderate winters with large lands. This would be a great place to find a house with a lot of land and Moderate climate.


The Middle Colonies are a great plea to settle if you are looking for Religious tolerance. In the middle colonies there are various faiths from all around. As you can see the Middle Colonies have a lot of diversity.