Prescott, Az

Courtney Bayer, Nick Bragg, and Jessie Pietz



34.568210* N, 112.461482* W

  • Northern Hemisphere
  • West of Prime Meridian


Population: 40,308 (as of 2012 census)


  • Four-season climate
    • Hot summers with monsoons
    • Cold winters with snow
    • Spring showers
    • Fall is cool with lots of falling leaves

Some things to do:

  • Hike the many trails
  • View historic sites
  • Kayak in the lakes
  • Rodeo (in summer)
  • Golf
  • Visit Whiskey Row

Human/Environment Interactions:

There is a lot you can recycle in Prescott at either special facilities r even at your home:

  • Electronics (TV’s, copy machines, cell phones, etc.)
  • Glass (any glass bottle)
  • Aluminum
  • Metal
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Plastic

There are several major farms in the Prescott area, but the main two are Mortimer and Freeman Farms.

The sewage that is treated at the wastewater treatment plant in Prescott saves water and has many uses.


  • The remaining solids are used for landfill cover.
  • Water is used to water golf courses.
  • Water is used for many construction purposes.


  • Prescott was founded in the 1800s by congress in order to gain control of the mines and lumber yards during the civil war to fund the union army.
  • By the 1900s Prescott had carved its path in society. Prescott was becoming its own town and would soon start to revolve around government and politics.
  • Most peole moved here during 1914-1916 as veterans from the First World War. Fort Whipple was originally made to serve the Calvary that protected Prescott from Indian warriors but is now being used to house and heal solders from WW1 who had been injured by gas attacks.
  • Prescott has grown tremendously from 1900 to now. We have almost 40,000 people in the area and are expected to hit 50,000 by 2016.


  • The Prescott region is very well known for its natural beauty and the charming downtown area.
  • Prescott has many extraordinary features that make it different from other cities and towns in Arizona. The fact that it has more separate lakes than any other location in Arizona is just fascinating to people.

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