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October 9th, 2014

Above is a great picture one of my students shared with me earlier this week. I myself have seen it many times, and have loved it every time it's come my way. The magic of reading - isn't that what every English teacher strives to instill in their students? I know it's my goal, every single day. However, I find that my students are opening avenues for myself as well, especially in terms of technology. Finding themselves within various social online communities makes me wonder what other ways can we reach our kids, that is more socially relevant to their education and social needs today? How is this being fostered? And what are the safest ways to do so? Taking my MA classes in Online Learning Technologies, I'm hoping to seek out these various answers, specifically by looking at some awesome blogs.  =0)

October 14th, 2014

Engagement in Education.

This year I tried something new, something I have long hesitated to do. Something super out of the realm of control I am so very used to. This year, I took on a student teacher. A few things that have  come to light in this experience:

1. I am a control freak.
2. I love my job more than I knew (and I already knew I loved it a lot).
3. Engagement is a fickle beast.

As I pondered these three things, it was # 3 that really stood out to me. How we engage kids is really to ask ourselves, "how do we get kids to buy-in?" What is it that makes students engage in their own learning process? And how do we foster this even more with incorporating the world of technology that they are growing up in? Turns out one of the best answers to this question (that I've come across) is here: https://www.ted.com/talks/sugata_mitra_build_a_sc...

Or if you are so inclined:


It is interesting to me that with all of the advancements we are continually making in technology, that with all of the new and exciting things that enter our world every day, the one that doesn't seem replicable, and is  so inherently needed, is quite simply encouragement.

What is even better is TED talks has a plethora of other topics posted to blogs as resources for teachers, check 'em out! www.blog.ted.com

October 19, 2014

PD, PD, Oooooh Sweet PD!

As an educator I know that I am in charge of my professional development. How that looks in our district highly depends on the school at which you teach. As a leader at my school I know that PD has become its own beast. Not only do I attend countless hours of professional development, I also run countless hours of PD. And while I  truly love the opportunities I get to work with my staff I have often wondered what other ways there were to go about this. That's when I discovered this blog:


The great thing about this blog - not only do I have some new creative ideas for PD, it is as an endless tech resource!

October 20, 2014

Oooooh to write!

Every day my  students come in through that hallway door, grab their journal from the basket, and find their prompt on the board. As I plan I sit there hoping the subjects, quotes, and story starters I choose will help inspire them to be writers. However, once that bell rings there is also the influx of kids still searching in their journal bucket for their particular journal, some still taking the moment to tediously find their pencil, and to be honest some-days the thought of carrying another journal box out to my car to grade that night, well it feels daunting. When searching around online, one questions keeps popping into my head: Why am I not having my kids blog??? Especially when these kind of resources offer everything from formats, to guidelines, to parent info...


October 21, 2014

Book Clubs!

As a teacher I am constantly trying to get my kids more engaged in reading books they love. As an adult I know that sometimes I need a push to get through some of the novels I read, and mostly I really want to talk with someone about the things I love and hate about a book. Well what better way to meld the wonderful world of reading and blogs, than with a virtual book club?! And here it is-


So cool!

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