How did Ancient Egyptians clothing Affect Their Life's?
By- Lizzie Foster

*Above is an example of everyday clothing that was worn by Egyptians in Ancient times.

Clothing and cosmetics was a main way of determining Ancient Egyptians level of power or strength. The ways and styles that your hair was worn in showed your stage in power. The types and styles of their clothing varied by kingdom and level of royalty. If you were inferior which meant that you were poorly groomed, you were placed in a low stage.

*Above is a picture of Ancient Egyptians makeup, in its earliest form

Clothing and cosmetics incorporated into Ancient Egyptians lives often. Cosmetics were used on woman and men frequently and and a lot of it was used. Robes and tight dress' were worn by woman. Children in ancient Egypt wore little to no clothing. Woman wore many items of jewelry.

*Above is a diagram of women's everyday clothing.

Clothing is a way that ancient Egyptians are remembered by today. In statues today the main focus when designing them is the carving of their beauty and makeup. Cleanliness and apperance was very important to them. Now a day ancient egyptian men are showed with muscle and good structure.  

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