Don't Give Up!

If you weren't a Jew would you have been on the jew's side or nazi's side? Gerda Weissman is a Holocaust survivor. "Are we human still- or again? They have tried to drag us worse that animals. Yet something has remained alive in us, for it stirs anews." -Gerda Weissman. She stated that you should never give up. Jews still had survived after all the Nazis did to them. They didn't give up on themselves.

In the beginning, even though Jews were giving up on themselves, Madame Harkness' family gave them hope. Madame Harkness' family were people who helped Jews. Her family was part of the French Resistance. This was very risky for the Harkness family. Madame Haekness' was part of the French Resistance. They allowed Jews in their home and gave them food. Madame Harkness' grandfather hid in a house because he was Jewish. They had to keep it a secret that they were Jews and the fact that they were hiding Jews. They also didn't mention to each other that they were apart of the French Resistance. Not only did the Jews survived, the Harkness' family helped them with care and shelter. They gave them hope so the Jews wouldn't give up on themselves.

Unfortunately, would you rather keep your individuality or help somebody? The Wave written by Todd Strasser, here is an example of individuals losing themselves. Just like what happened to the Jews. The Wave is an allegory about the Nazis taking control over Germany. Everyone in the Wave thought they understood each other but in reality nobody had a saying. "I will write and I will say anything that I want to, and you can't stop me!" (Pg. 113). Even though nobody believed what Laurie said about the Wave, she still tried she didn't give up on what she believed in.

Lastly, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Exactly what did Gerda Weissman do? Gerda Weissman was a Holocaust survivor. A documentary was made out of her survival. She was taken to a concentration camp. It was very risky to be a Jew. However, Gerda Weissman didn't give up on her life. She wanted to live and she did. She would hide pictures of her family in her ski boots for hope. She had a lot of strength and hope to survive. Gerda Weissman is an example of not giving up. She survived the Holocaust and that's the only thing that matters. No matter what the Nazis did to the Jews, she had hope and she didn't give up.

Don't give up. Even though life can be really hard sometimes, don't give up on yourself. Back then in the 1930's and 40's it was a very tough and risky time. But you can get through it. Don't sit around and be hopeless. Get up, life is beautiful. Don't give up on yourself!

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