Tsila Marcus



The Story Of Tsila Marcus

  Tsila Marcus was born on July 14,1939 in Rovno Poland. Her parents were Batya Fuchs and Shchane Marcs. She was one of the many victims of the Holocaust.Tsila was only two when the Germans invaded Poland.They killed her father,and her sister was later killed when the Germans barged into her apartment.Tsila's mother was assigned to work for the mayor when healthy young women were made out to be servants by the Germans.This is where Tsila and her mother met a bookeeper who promised to do every he could to spare their life. The day Tsila and her mother heard that the Nazis were planning to kill the remaining Jews in the city they escaped to the ghetto dressed as  Polish peasants ; when they reached the ghetto they found the majority of their relatives there had already been murdered.Tsila's mother  got a letter that the Nazis were coming to the ghetto ; she warned the rest of the ghetto and got Tsila and escaped the forest.Tsila mother gave her to a peasant when she joined the partisans because it was decided that the forest was no place for a 4 year old to live. The peasant abandoned Tsila because she feared for her own life.Tsila was found in the forest by some partisans and gave back to her mother.Tsila was one of the few Jews that survived the horrible event that we know as the Holocaust

  Since the Holocaust people have learned that a person ethnic have nothing to do what their equality as a human being. No one is greater than anyone else. We are all equal.The Holocaust was one if the events that showed us how simple minded people were back in the day.Though some people are still this way in todays world it is not as broad as it once was.The Holocaust was an event that helped us realized that if you cant give a life you shouldnt take one.People should not judge you by your way of life. They especially shouldnt kill you for it.

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