My Moral Code


Beliefs are a part of every person's life.

My Ideals

I believe in the fact that we were all created unique by God. Each of us have different opinions and interests. I live by the fact that you need to respect what people believe in because God made them this way for a reason. I try to look for the good in people, no matter how bad they truly are. These people still have dreams, beliefs and ideas just like the rest of us.

I am not the type to fight or argue, so I generally believe that war and conflict can be easily averted. I don't like war because I don't like murder of any kind. People shouldn't be able to do that, even when it is war. It just doesn't feel right to do it. That's why I believe in the "no-killing" policy. I believe if you really want to hurt someone, you take it up with a therapist. They usually fill the need to release your anger out in a nonviolent way.

The sources I live most of my life by is through what my parents have said and books instituting more free thought and respect for everyone. It is more of how I interpret the information that I live my life by. I live my life the way I want to and nobody can tel me otherwise.

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