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East Lawrence High School Newsletter - 10.3.14


Well, we have the 1st seven weeks of school behind us.  Report Cards will go out today (Friday, Oct. 3rd). Congratulations to those of you who have worked diligently to make the grades you set out to achieve.  To those who don't feel you are where you need to be, set another goal, design a plan of action, and keep making progress.  Please let me know if I can help in any way.  Eagles' learning is taking flight... Let's keep flying higher.  

I'll share a quote I often use from Tony Dungy, a dynamic coach in the NFL and a man of integrity in life.  "Success is uncommon and not to be enjoyed by the common man.  I'm looking for uncommon people because we want to be successful not average."  Let's don't just settle for average...let's be uncommon...in our teaching, learning, parenting, character, and even in our dreaming for the future.  And let's challenge others to be uncommon as well.  After all, doing the common things in an uncommon way will command the attention of others.  

Out and About @ ELHS

Up and Coming @ ELHS

Thursday, Oct. 2 - Eagle Alliance Meeting

Friday, Oct. 3 - Report Cards

Friday, Oct. 3 - Mentoring Groups

Monday, Oct. 6 - Parent-Teacher Conference Day 11:00-7:00

October 6-10 - Parental Involvement Week

Thursday, Oct. 9 - School-wide Walk Through

Wednesday, Oct. 15 - PSAT

Wednesday, Oct. 15 - 1/2 Day Professional Development

Oct. 13-17 - Homecoming Week (see details below)

Tuesday, Oct. 21 - PLAN Test (10th Grade)

Homecoming 2014

Monday - Pajama Day

Tuesday - Girls in Pearls/ Guys in Ties

Wednesday - America Day

Thursday - Character Day  

Thursday Night - Community Tailgate Party 5:00-7:30 Free Admission

Friday - Spirit Day  -- Parade 10:00 --- Dismiss 11:30

Eagle Nation News

Eagle Nation News - Week 6 - Click the Link Below  

Celebrations and Shout-outs

Shout-out to the following students for meeting or exceeding benchmark on the ACT given at ELHS in the Spring of 2014.  Pictures are below.

Reading - Jacob McWhorter, Holly Bridges, Destiny McAfee, Will Landers, Rachael Naylor, Claudia Counce, Bridgette Davis, Austin Reed, Sarah Hill, Brett Vance, Ethan McMurray, Micah Gray, James Robinson, Kaitlin Lewis

English - Ethan McMurray, Sarah Hill, Jacob McWhorter, Bridgette Davis, Thomas Parker, Caine Coffey, Micah Gray, Holly Bridges, Austin Reed, Claudia Counce, Haley Sparkman, Eli Nolen, Brett Vance, Will Landers, Caitlin Hogeland, Jonathan Hill, Amy White, Mary Parker, Kaitlin Lewis, Mackenzie Thrasher, Abreya Sweeney, Joseph Burks, Brett Rittenberry, Jordan York, Haley Drinkard, Destiny McAfee, Rachael Naylor, Kerstin Dumas, Kaylee Shelton, Austin Wells,

Science - Jacob McWhorter, Ethan McMurray, Holly Bridges, Claudia Counce, Sarah Hill, Austin Reed, Caine Coffey, Haley Sparkman

Math - Jacob McWhorter, Ethan McMurray, Caine Coffey, Claudia Counce, Thomas Parker, Haley Sparkman, Eli Nolen

Shout-out to the following students who earned qualifying scores on the AP Exams.

AP Language - Holly Bridges, Ethan McMurray, Jacob McWhorter, Austin Reed

AP Biology - Sarah Hill

AP Calculus - Jacob McWhorter

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